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Khaila King | Writer | Photographer | Artist

"Why would I care to be liked by terrible people with bad taste?"

- J.P.

Khaila King, also known as TheKreatiff, is an alternative multi medium creative based in the Midwest. Her work consists of written pieces and editorial fashion photography published digitally and in print, locally and internationally. At the core of her artistry, is a clear reflection of her physical and spiritual identity. Her work speaks to and derives from divine feminine and masculine energy. 


After formalizing her education at Indiana University Bloomington where she had the opportunity to hone her skills as a writer and lean into her interests of graphic design and visual art, she became a visual storyteller using illustration, design and photography as a means to convey profound messages.

Those profound messages would then give her access to spaces and opportunities to refine her artistry while creating community impact. Khaila dedicated her time as an intern at PATTERN Magazine focusing on the production of Black, femme and queer inclusive content that gave small brands and business owners access to a larger platform to share their work.

Her internship at PATTERN also planted the seeds for what is now known as KREATIFFPHOTO, a personal photography brand that emphasizes authenticity and explores the complexities of Black American identity. 

Her ability to lead paired with her creative eye led her to become an event curator for PARADOX Indy. Her first ever curated event was a public photography showcase that used proceeds from art sales to fund a local education initiative that served primarily Black and Brown youth. Using her educational background in graphic design, she developed a zine that displayed the work included in the showcase with the intention to provide low-income communities access to the arts.


Outside of her professional and academic achievements, Khaila is a self taught painter and digital artist who works as a public service associate for the Indianapolis Public Library, a space where she gets to grow intellectually and as creative, while also providing others access to resources that serve the community. As a lover of all things magical, intentional and authentic to self, Khaila is an asset to any team she is on and strives to bring light to every space she enters.

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